Evaluate Fertility Doctors

This is a huge decision!  One thing we should have done was shopped around when choosing a fertility doctor.  The problem is we say that but when you go into this process what should you even evaluate when sifting through fertility doctors.  What matters and what is overkill.

Conquer Infertility Blog – Real Fertility Advice

Our IVF Blog: How we survived and conquered the IVF experience.  

Not to brag but we have high expectations and have set out to create the ultimate infertility blog.  Unlike most infertility blogs or fertility blogs (whatever you want to call them) we’re going to go through our whole process and all the mistakes we made.  Skip all the emotional blah blah and get down to the facts and real deal of these procedures. Why did we decide to create an IVF blog?  Honestly, because our friends and family told us we should share the details of what we’ve been through.  Our IVF experience was certainly crazy, very eventful, but hopefully with this information you can avoid some of the mistakes we made and better prepare.  We’re excited to share a little advice but mainly get down to what it is you want to read about which is how it all happened, what it cost, what we would do different, and what you might expect.  All the information sources we read focused more on couple’s feelings, heartaches, and overreactions to “duh” scenarios.  “Those progesterone shots hurt so bad!”….um yeah, it’s a muscle injection, what did you expect? We really hope you find Fertility Clinic Advice a more accurate and blunt source than other IVF blogs.  This is a huge decision that takes lots of planning, saving, and thick skin so let’s get real about it all.   

Meet the Baldwins. An Infertility Blog Extravaganza.

Here we are with one more on the way! We are the Baldwins.  We love each other like crazy, saved up a lot of money, we went through 3 rounds of IVF and one IUI squirt, and now were eight months in and about to have our first kiddo.  My wife and I met at Enterprise Rent A Car when my brand-new Jetta broke down.  She obviously upgraded my rental and provided excellent customer service so we ended up going out on a few dates. Six years later we tied the knot getting legally married and two years following that we decided that we would make freaking awesome parents. That’s basically our infertility blog “Us Story” in a nutshell.  Oh yeah, and we’re lesbians but I don’t think that really matters because the process and procedure of IVF is the same.  Our IVF experience included choosing a donor, my wife’s egg retrieval, frozen embryo IVF transfers for me, and one go at IUI.  Enjoy our infertility blog and if you have any questions please make sure you leave a comment or question.  We certainly haven’t covered all topics and we want this IVF blog to be an incredible resource for all.  Let us know your burning questions and concerns and we promise to do our best to help out.  

Why Should We Have a Baby?  Seems like a Mission.

First and foremost, the greatest piece of fertility advice from our IVF blog is to make sure that your relationship is solid.  Even if you are sure that it is you should have some serious conversations BEFORE making any plans to attempt any type of fertility treatment. Managing stress and having an enormous amount of patience, no matter the outcome when it comes to this adventure, is a must. The key to our IVF experience success was simply not killing each other or beating each other down when it didn’t work.  Complain and be pissed off, you should be that’s natural, but not to each other or at each other.  Take it outside or keep it to yourself and curse the situation on the sly.  Everyone says that you have to really communicate and be patient and support every little up-and-down but let me tell you you are shooting for the stars if that is your plan. Do this, write on a piece of paper: “We are not going to kill each other and we will take a break if needed.  This will not ruin us.  This is a WANT not a NEED because an extension of us would make the world a better place.”  That is what our decision boiled down to.  Keeping it simple that we really WANTED to have a baby. Even if it’s a mission and super expensive, at that point in our lives we felt our hard earned money, focus, and emotions were best spent on this adventure.  And that’s how you should think of this…like training and paying to climb Mt. Everest or something gnarly like that.  You really want it, you and your partner want to accomplish something amazing together, you train and focus but as you climb the mountain after paying a Sherpa thousands and thousands of $ to do it you realize your body wasn’t meant to do this.  Or maybe just not agreeable for that round and you need to give it another go.  As you come down the mountain beating yourself up you don’t need your partner to rub it in your face and tell you how much money and time you just sank.  I hope that was a good analogy.  I’m sure it was for any of you that have attempted to climb some crazy mountain.  Lol  
All you ladies out there that obsess over having a child and say your life and relationship will have this void until you have a little one…pull back on the reins there…you have a family.  Your partner is your family and without that being your foundation you’re setting yourself up for huge heartache and an epic fail.  I’m obviously not a counselor, I’m not even as tough and robotic as I sound, but I cannot emphasize this enough.  Save the sanity all around, for you, your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, etc.  If any of that offends you then the rest of this infertility blog probably will too so you might just want to skim it for the facts rather than the advice.  Tally hooooo!!!!